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Mastaler Cleaning

 was originally founded in the later 1930's by Mr. & Mrs. Mastaler. The company was a family owned and run business in the Brattleboro region. In 1974 after the passing of her husband Mrs. Mastaler sold the business to Beth & Jack Golding. The business was locally owned and run for over 20 years in the Brattleboro region by the Goldings'. In 1994 Mastaler cleaning changed hands one final time to Beth Vendetta and has grown many times over from its original size. Beth has owned and operated the business for the past 25 years successfully and now has a full time manager and several staff members providing professional cleaning services to the Brattleboro region. Beth's son Ryan joined the business in 2001 to make Mastaler cleaning one of the finest cleaning companies in the Brattleboro region.