Complete Commercial Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning



Rotary Shampoo & Hot Water Extraction

Rotary shampooing is a deep scrubbing with a rotary machine using fast acting detergent while penetrating and emulsifying grease, oil and ordinary soil. Followed up by our HOT water extractor leaving no residue behind to contribute to resoling.

HOST Dry Cleaning

Host Dry Cleaning Method. What is HOST? The HOST system of carpet cleaning is the applying of SPONGES to the carpet, brushing them through the carpet and then vacuuming up the SPONGES, this removes dirt and reduces allergens. It's a soft natural product, it is moistened with water and and safe cleaning ingredients. This is a low moisture method that holds and control the cleaning liquids so dissolved dirt doesn't run into the carpet backing.

Benefits of HOST Cleaning:

• Deep cleaning with no downtime.
• Spot removal and pile lifting.
• Clean, dry carpets
• Improved Indoor Air Quality
• Fully trained technicians
• Prompt, courteous service
• Ongoing service through a planned maintenance program at reasonable cost.

Window Washing



Mastaler Cleaning's professionally insured window cleaners can handle almost any size or style window. Join the over 250 customers in the Brattleboro region who depend on Mastaler to take care of their large investment! We approach every home or business with the desire to do the best job possible. We strive to assure that every customer has a pleasant experience with our service from the time of scheduling til the very last window is cleaned.

Our window cleaning service offers:

• Inside and outside cleaning

• Storm windows cleaned and positioned accordingly

• Screen cleaned (upon request)

• Windows sills cleaned

Hard Floor Cleaning



Mastaler Cleaning can also care for all of your hard surface floors. We provide hard floor stripping & waxing. We can restore those tired surfaces to a like new condition. Our thorough process will leave your floors clean and shiny. 

Call Mastaler Cleaning today to schedule your floor strip & wax appointment. Your floors will sparkle like new. A scheduled maintenance plan is recommended.


To maintain your clean and freshly waxed floors Mastaler can provide a program to polish the finish weekly, bi-weekly, monthly to bring out the shine.

Reasons for floor care:

• Floor protection

• Aesthetics - floors are the first impression of your business.

• Easier to clean and maintain.

When do we clean?


 • Daily

 • Weekly

 • Monthly

 • One-time cleanings

What rooms do we clean?


 • Office spaces

 • Copy rooms

 • Bathrooms

 • Cubicles

 • Waiting rooms

 • Break rooms

 • Conference rooms

 • Lunch rooms

What do we clean?


• Windows

 • Doors

 • Toilets

 • Polish wood desks

 • Dusting

 • Recycling

 • Trash removal

 • Stripping & waxing floors

 • Carpet vacuuming

 • Sanitizing of wating rooms

 • Carpet cleaning

 • Cafeterias

Commercial Specialty Cleaning



For commercial or residential property owners and real estate agencies we offer a turn-over cleaning service specialized in wiping away the disarray of previous occupants. We offer a one-time commercial specialty cleaning service designed to ready apartments, condos, offices, and rental homes for sale. We help you get these properties back into shape and ready for new clients to view the properties clean, fresh and presentable.

Call us to schedule a service appointment if you're stuck with leftover muck.